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Transform your mediabuying business with Get Agency Ad Accounts premier service delivering exclusive access to top-tier platforms and diverse ad inventory. Our strategic partnerships, real-time analytics,, and expert support ensure optimized campaigns.

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AuraClick service – Maximum Budget Savings

Unlock unparalleled reach and engagement with our premium Advertising Accounts, meticulously tailored for social media dominance.

Elevate your brand presence and capture your audience's attention with our high-performance rental solutions. Maximize impact, minimize effort – let your campaigns thrive on the forefront of digital advertising.

Next Level Advertising

Elevate Your Campaigns with Our Exclusive Ad Accounts Service..

Unlimited Spend
Fast Top Up
24/7 Support

4 Reasons to Switch to an Agency Ad Account

No Daily Ad Spend Limits

No need to contact the helpdesk to request an increase in the spending limit, no need for warm-up ads accounts. You can spend as much as you like from day one.

Management and Maintenance

An expert team to create your advertising assets, configure them and reactivate them in case of restrictions (Ad account, Business Manager, Facebook Page).

Cheaper CPMs & CPAs

Enterprise Level Ad Accounts have an advantage in auctions from the moment they are created due to the internal trust tier rankings. We have seen CPMs be up to 40% cheaper when running with our accounts, which leads to cheaper results.

Secure and Accessible

Even if your ad account gets hacked, your ad balance cannot be used to promote websites other than your own. Our agency accounts are created on the basis of our clients' information and therefore cannot be used by others.

Why Auraclick

Auraclick, your gateway to digital success! We specialize in providing premium Facebook, Google, TikTok, and X ad accounts, empowering businesses to amplify their online presence. With cutting-edge strategies and a dedicated team, Auraclick ensures unparalleled advertising solutions tailored to elevate your brand to new heights. Experience the click of success with Auraclick – where every impression counts!


Don’t worry if your account is suspended. We’ll allocate your budget to another account immediately, so you can continue advertising without wasting time.

Less than 02 Business days

Only US Dollars (USD) are supported by our accounts

Top-ups are made once the funds are received within 01 hour during working hours. The maximum time for processing a top-up is 24 hours in case of technical problems and staff unavailability.

Yes you can transfer the amount you want between your advertising accounts even if they are on different platforms (Facebook to TikTok, TikTok to Google, Facebook to Google etc )

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